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Brand Formulation
Brand Formulation


Our extensive range of bulk specialty chemicals and other functional ingredients allows your developers to create innovative formulations with excellent performance, feel and consumer acceptance. Our experienced team is always happy to advise about formulations, legislative issues, market acceptance and best value with your brand OEM request. We already develop from pilot to commercial production for some certain formulation of water treatment chemical ingredients for our principals to end consumer in the market successfully.
Our technical services teams can help you with innovative formulations, ingredient combinations and chemical blends, bringing all of their experience to help you create the properties and characteristics you are aiming for :

Innovative product formulations for personal care, homecare, water treatment and pharma applications
Product enhancements to meet specific objectives
Confidential customer projects
Stability testing
Pilot runs for customers (3kg vacuum reactor)
Microscopic emulsion analysis
Product approvals 
Brand Formulation

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