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Custom Synthesis
Custom Synthesis


Simagchem provide contract manufacture services with custom synthesis capability of Initial research, process development, lab trials, pilot production and scaling up to commercial size production.
Hereby refer to one of Simag 3 production sites for custom synthesis located in shandong site
-Capacity and facility     
The total capacity is 230 cubic meters (150 cubic meter of fully equipped reactors) divided as follow:
10 Stainless Steel Reactors (from 1,000 to 12,500 l)
80 Glass Lined Reactors (from 5,00 to 10,000 l)
30 vacuum refine towers ( from 5,00 to 2000 l )
1 Stainless steel high pressure reactor (3,000 l)
1 Nutsche Type Filter (5,500 liters, 5 square meters)
50 condenser  ( from 6  to 10 cbm )
5 Vacuum Dryers
9 Centrifuges
The plant is equipped with its own electrical cabin, No. 2 boilers for production of steam (total capacity 6,000 kg/h at 10 ate) and diatermic oil (250°C). Brine (-15°C) is produced by two refrigerating units (total 280,000 Kcal/h). Reactors cooled down by liquid Nitrogen are also available.
Reaction in the temperature interval – 80°C / +250°C can be performed.
The Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with:
UV/VIS/IR spectrophotometer
GC capillary and packed (also with head space to determine s.o.v.)
HPLC (with both UV diode array and refractive index detectors) potentiometer
The plant can perform with the following technologies:
Custom Synthesis

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