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Simagchem is much more than just a distributor of chemicals. In addition to distribution, we offer a range of services based on our wealth of experience and state-of-the-art equipment.
With our brand services, we ensure the entire supply chain in the chemical industry.
Brand Customer Service
Our JIT customer service account team network in China develop and implement tailor-made concepts for the optimum supply of our customers with industrial and specialty chemicals.
Your advantages:
●          Centralized customer service supports simplification of administrative procedures, resulting in time and cost saving.
●          Our Chinese network and sophisticated logistics solutions ensure that chemicals of identical quality are supplied to customers with several manufacturing locations and contribute to security in planning and reliability of processes.
●          Our processes are continuously optimized and adapted to our customers’ changing structures and requirements.
Superiority of Chemistry Logistics service
Chemical logistic service is very professional and should be superior under UN regularity, especially for DGR Class series. We provide a special-purpose solution to optimize logistic and suitable packing group and labeling service for our principals. Our main Chinese ports with DGR chemical warehouses are to operate specialty chemical and apply all relative paperwork concerned.
Our distribution capabilities include:
●          Flexible deliveries, intelligent solutions
●          Anything from bulk shipments of thousands of tonnes down to the smallest shipment of packed goods and even samples.
●          Bulk – storage and transport of powders and liquids – movement of goods in ships – powders and bulk liquids
●          Pharma, feed and food storage to accredited standards
●          Segregated materials by business unit and hazard classification
●          Temperature controlled storage and transport
●          Effective cost control
●          Re-packing, drum filling, bagging, ripping and tipping
●          Customer delivery KPI's on delivery fulfillment performance  
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