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Fine Intermediate

Fine Intermediate

Titanium tetrachloride

CAS# 7550-45-0

Molecular Formula : Cl4Ti

Specification: 99.9% 

Packing: 250kg/drum

Titanium tetrachloride is the inorganic compound with the formula TiCl4. It is an important intermediate in the production of titanium metal and the pigment titanium dioxide. TiCl4 is an unusual example of a metal halide that is highly volatile. Upon contact with humid air, it forms spectacular opaque clouds of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl). It is sometimes referred to as "tickle" due to the phonetic resemblance of its molecular formula (TiCl4) to the word.

Technical Data Sheet 

Items Specification Results
Appearance Colorless or light yellow liqiud pass
Assay ≥99.9% 99.99%
Fecl3 ≤0.002% 0.0018%
Sicl4 ≤0.01% 0.0044%
Vocl3 ≤0.0025% 0.0014%
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