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Fine Intermediate

Fine Intermediate

CAS No : 84-51-5

Molecular Formula : C16H12O2

Packaging : 25kg/kraft bag

Capacity : 3000 tons per year

Application: hydrogen peroxide synthesis / dye intermediates

2-Ethylanthraquinone is an organic compound that is a derivative of anthraquinone. It is pale yellow solid is used in the industrial production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).
As our associated manufacturer of 2-ethylanthraquinone with the largest scale in China,our 2-Ethylanthraquinone is refined product with higher purity 99% than other suppliers in china . We have REACH full registered ,we usually export to Italy , Finland , America , and Southeast Asia market.
Items Specification Results
Appearance Yellow flakes Pass
Purity 98.5%min 99.02%
Benzene insolubles 0.05%max /
Moisture 0.2% max 0.1
Melting point 107℃min 108.5-110.4℃
Fe (mg/kg) 5 max 1.2
Cl (mg/kg) 10 max 4.5
S (mg/kg) 10 max 1.9
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