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CAS# 117704-25-3

Molecular Formula :  C50H74O14     

Specification:  95%

Packing: 10KG/DRUM

Technical Data Sheet 

Items Specification Results
Appearance White crystalline powder pass
Identification HPLC: the retention time of major peak of test solution should correspond to that of reference solution. conform
IR: Sample spectrum corresponds to that of standard spectrum. conform
Appearance of solution The solution is clear and not more intensely colored than reference solution BY6. conform
Related substance Avermectin: NMT5.0% 0.41%
Total impurities: NMT5.0% 2.57%
Residual solvents Ethanol:NMT30000ppm 15500ppm
Acetone:NMT5000ppm 5ppm
BHT NMT2000ppm 43ppm
Sulphate ash NMT0.1% 0.03%
Water NMT3.0% 1.6%
Heavy metal NMT20ppm <20ppm
Assay ≥95.0% 99.1%
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