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dextran polymer liquid
CAS No : 9004-54-0

Molecular Formula : C17H32O10

Packaging :1.1mt/IBC drum

Capacity : 40,000 tons per year 

Dextran is a polymer of anhydroglucose.  It is composed of approximately 95% alpha-D-(1-6) linkages. The remaining a(1-3) linkages account for the branching of dextran.  Conflicting data on the branch lengths implies that the average branch length is less than three glucose units.  However, other methods indicate branches of greater than 50 glucose units exist. For Dextran, we can customize products by Enzymatic synthesis with different viscosities and concentrations according to customer needs. 
Technical Data Sheet

Items Specification Results
Appearance White to off white solution passed
Solid Weight 14%~16% 14.86%
Ash Content
(Based on Drying Weight)
Less than 2.0% Pass
PH 4.0~7.0 5.58
Viscosity (25℃) 2000~3000 cps 2495 cps
Acticide RS 0.5‰~4.0‰ 4.0‰
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