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Ethylene carbonate
CAS No : 96-49-1

Molecular Formula : C3H4O3

Packaging : 250kg/iron drum

Capacity : 100,000 tons per year

Application: Lubricants / Lithium Battery Electrolytes / Surface Coatings

Ethylene carbonate is the organic compound with the formula (CH2O)2CO. It is classified as the carbonate ester of ethylene glycol and carbonic acid. At room temperature (25°C) ethylene carbonate is a transparent crystalline solid, practically odorless and colorless, and somewhat soluble in water. In the liquid state (m.p.34-37°C) it is a colorless odorless liquid.
Ethylene carbonate is one of our strongest export item , and we have industrial grade, pharmaceutical grade and electronic grade specs , which can be applied to different uses. We export to Europe and the United States in large quantities, we have reach registration, the production capacity is 10,0000t per year, so we can maintain stable supply for a long time.
Technical Data Sheet
Items Specification Results
Appearance ≤35 ℃ crystals
 ≤40 ℃ colorless liquid
Water ≤0.05% 0.002%
Color ≤40 10
Assay                                ≥99.5%  99.948%
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