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Lubricant Additives

Dodecanedioic acid (DDDA)
CAS No : 693-23-2

Molecular Formula : C12H22O4

Packaging : 25kg/bag or 500kg/bag

Capacity : 30,000 tons per year

Application: Lubricant, High-performance polyamide / nylon

Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) is a highly pure C12 dibasic acid that is available in white flake form, mainly used in antiseptics, top-grade coatings, painting materials, corrosion inhibitor, surfactant, and engineering plastics such as nylon 612.
Our associated production sites Get the highest monoacid content , producing long-chain dibasic acid by biological fermentation rather than traditional multi-step chemical process, with largest annual output is more than 30,000 tons, export to North America , Europe and Southeast Asia market.
Items Specification Results
Appearance White powder or flake White powder
Total Fatty acids % ≥99.0 99.9
Dodecanedioic acid % ≥98.5 99.8
Moisture % ≤0.4 0.2
Color % Trans.,440nm ≥96.0 99.4
Color % Trans.,550 nm ≥98.0 99.8
Color, APHA ≤10 complied
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