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Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA)
CAS No : 101-83-7

Molecular Formula : C12H23N

Packaging :IBC drums or ISO tank

Capacity : 15,000 tons per year

Application: rubber accelerators /fuel antioxidant additives

Dicyclohexylamine is a secondary amine with the chemical formula HN(C6H11)2. It is a colorless liquid. It is sparingly soluble in water. As an amine, it is an organic base and useful precursor to other chemicals.
Dicyclohexylamine is our strong and popular export item, we export thousands of metric tons to Euro and USA market, our quality can meet 99.5% and control the impurity very well, matched by BORSODCHEM, but the price is more competitive with stable supply capacity for long term.
Technical Data Sheet
Items Specification Results
Appearance Colorless liquid conform
Assay 99.50%min 99.51%
Cyclohexylamine 0.10%max 0.0081%
Cyclohexanol 0.15% max 0.0098%
Aniline 0.10% max 0.008%
Water 0.20% max 0.033%
Organic impurities 0.50% max 0.4311%
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