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Fuel Additives

CAS No : 109-73-9

Molecular Formula : C4H11N

Packaging : 150KG / UN steel drum

Capacity : 10,000 tons per year

Application: fuel and oil additives / organic solvents

n-Butylamine is an organic compound (specifically, an amine) with the formula C4H11N. It has an ammonia-like odor and is miscible with water, alcohol and ether. This colourless liquid is one of the four isomeric amines of butane, the others being sec-butylamine, tert-butylamine and isobutylamine.
For the n-Butylamine, with the top purity 99.5% min in the market, we export this product to Malaysia, USA for many years, the quality is regular stable with approval.
Technical Data Sheet
Items Specification Results
Appearance Colorless liquid Colorless liquid
Mono-N-butylamine ≥99.5% 99.64%
Di-N-butylamine ≤0.1% <0.01%
Tri-N-butylamine ≤0.1% <0.01%
N-butanol ≤0.1% <0.01%
Water ≤0.1% 0.09%
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