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Successfully developed octane booster for sustainable energy field led by our director Mr.shaobo wang relying on patent advantage during COVID period
19 Jan 2022


In the past 3 years by COVID impact globally and seriously, our director, Mr.Shaobo wang successfully led the company to achieve a rapid revenue growth, and tripled profit.(2019 vs 2020 by 200% up on revenue and 400% up on profit, 2020vs2021 by 350% on revenue and by 700% up on profit, pls refer to below attached P&L (SGD) - 3 years comparison 
(2019, 2020, 2021))

The business contribution mainly in several aspects:    

1. Developed key projects in petrochemical industry like octane booster with my patent and years’ experience;

2. Turned the crisis into an opportunity during COVID-19 pandemic, successfully developed strategic market on disinfection chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediate, e.g hydroxychloroquine sulfate for Abbott Laboratories, Benzyl Chloride and DDAC for Middle East and Spain market; 

3. Signed the potential strategic alliance agreementwith Singapore local customers. For example, we have signed the 5 years’ agreement with multi-national company ALCON laboratories Group at Tuas manufacture site in Singapore.

Based on our owned patent technology in sustainable eco-energy chemicals and life science fields, our director has organized our teamwork successfully to developabove key projects for some top biggest chemical giants in North Europe and Middle est.

As a key pillar of Singapore manufacturing sector, the Energy and Chemicals E&C industry and Biopharmaceutical life science accounted for billion output in Singapore economy continuously.  Singapore has resolved to be a stable and competitive place to do business. The government has announced a total stimulus package of almost S$100 billion, or close to 20% of our GDP, which will be directed to support business and help them prepare for the eventual recovery. Amidst the uncertainty, amcharm’s COVID-19 survey showed that 98% of companies remain confident in Singapore as a business destination, so our simagchem entity will remain strong and confident as a specialty chemical supplier hub in Singapore served our global and local principals sustainably.
For instance, from 2020 we developedour key octane booster product line in petrochemical industry. Our exported MMT/NMA mixture acts as a high-quality additive for gasoline and diesel, and improves the performance characteristics of gasoline, such as:

•    N-Methylaniline and MMT improves the stability of gasoline, including transportation and storage;
•    N-Methylaniline reduces tar formation during storage of gasoline;
•    5-7% reduction in fuel consumption per 100 kilometer;
•    Reduces exhaust emissions (CO and HC) by 20-30%;

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