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Environmentally friendly compound THPC as sterilization in oil field mining and production( Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium chloridecas 124-64-1)
25 Mar 2020
THPC is an organophosphorus compound with the chemical formula [P(CH2OH)4]Cl. The cationP(CH2OH)4+ is four-coordinate, as is typical for phosphonium salts. THPC has applications as a precursor to fire-retardant materials.
THPC has its characteristic odor. Non-flammable. Has mild acid properties and are considered corrosive. Easily biodegradable and considered environmentally friendly compound.
This is one of our regular production items, we specializes in the development and production and sales of the phosphorous serious products and fine chemical product, now it has yielded the annual capacity of 2,000 tons ,we could guarantee long term demand and stable quality with fresh lot . Our products are bestselling in tens of countries and areas in Asia, Europe, USA and so on.
Application :
1) Textile Flame Retardant Product. Especially effective on cotton fabric textiles and imparts permanent cloth flame retardancy even after cleaning 50 times with an automatic washing machine. Is used where fabric “hand” or softness to touch is important for the end user/customer.
2) Additive flame retardant in plastic and paper.
3) Oil field sterilization , used in Industrial water treatment, paper making, tanning, oil field mining and production, can replace previous old and toxic fungicides .
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