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Successfully developed key octane booster for oil giants like Petrobras
18 Jan 2017
Successfully developed key octane booster for some top biggest oil giants like Petrobras ,7th biggest energy company in the world.
One of the octane booster is N-Methylaniline,provides a high-quality Gasoline 80 and Regular-92 from the gasoline without adding additives. The quality of gasoline is fully consistent with state standards. When added to a mixture of naphtha and Nmethylaniline metallic additives you get premium quality gasoline-95.With the introduction of 1.5-2.5% in gasoline N-Methylaniline increases its octane number by an average of 6 points, depending on the fractional composition of the propellant used, and other additives.In addition,
NMA improves the performance characteristics of gasoline, such as:

•    N-Methylaniline improves the stability of gasoline, including transportation and storage;
•    Reduces the cost of maintenance for gasoline storage tanks;
•    N-Methylaniline reduces tar formation during storage of gasoline;
•    5-7% reduction in fuel consumption per 100 kilometer;
•    Reduces exhaust emissions (CO and HC) by 20-30%;
•    Reduces the costs of the car.
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