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Quality System

Sourcing Seulement les meilleurs matériaux de qualité
Simagchem is your bridge to quality specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical, food and nutritional ingredients.  Our expertise is in sourcing raw materials from our unrivaled network of suppliers in China, to markets America and Europe. We also provide hands-on regulatory and compliance support as a competitive advantage to both suppliers and customers.
We have accumulated a wealth of experienced products and sources in distinctively specializing industries.  So we could recommend our new principals with quality materials and provide the following value-added services on quality control as following :
Vos yeux à des audits d'usine
There are thousands of chemical manufacturers in China. Selecting only those with the right GMP/ISO run system and good compliance to bring to regulated markets, is what Simagchem does best. Taking high performing local companies with the right technology, assisting them with technical, compliance and regulatory issues and connecting them with customers in regulated markets is where we add our value.
Inspections neutres rapport publié
●          SGS international inspection organization
●          CCIC Chinese inspection organization
●          SIMAGCHEM quality control teamwork and port office for pre-shipment sample test
Conformité réglementaire supérieure & Support technique
●          Full project management from product conception to commercialization
●          Manufacturing process and product quality optimization
●          Analytical support and problem solving
●          Customer technical queries and requests
 	Système Qualité
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