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Agrochemical Intermediate


CAS# 120-82-1

Molecular Formula :  C6H3Cl3

Specification: 99% 

Packing: 250kg/drum

Capacity : 1000MT per month

Application: Used as pesticide, transformer oil, lubricating oil, solvent, dye carriers, insulating and cooling fluid additives,  also as raw material of 2,5- two chlorophenol

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Technical Data Sheet
Items Specification Results
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid     Complies
Density 1.4450~1.4470 g/ml     1.4460 g/ml
Melting Point 17℃      17℃
Boilting Point 209~211℃     210.5℃
Water 0.1%max      0.04%
Assay 99%min      99.3%
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